Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Verizon, the RAT and Back to negotiations

Verizon and the Rat(s)
The following shows the effect of demonstrations.  Verizon is now back at the negotiating table.
Aside from the actual strikers/picketers, it was a sight to see so many Democrats and Democratic candidates protesting the union-busting corporate greed of Verizon. Here are some highlights:

Another rat - Symbols of the greed of Verizon.

Remember Verizon was not and is not a GM or corporation in financial trouble.  It recently gave its top executives a quarter of a billion dollars!  It is more profitable than ever.  It is peculiar that its profits are so appreciated by Verizon corporate leadership that it gave many millions to 5 people at the top – as if they were solely responsible for the company’s success.  Ironically, Verizon’s recent advertising campaign featured all the technical people supporting Verizon services – but not its CEO or executive staff.  Working people are good for advertising fodder but not salary and benefits.  Verizon wanted to strip retirement, health insurance, job security and even the Martin Luther King holiday from the people that are at least as responsible ( and whom have been celebrated in its advertising campaigns) for it profits as the top 5 executives.

Proud to be a DEMOCRAT? – It must be especially proud to be a Hudson Democrat.  Its committee not only had the sign but many of its candidates, its leader Victor Mendolia, and many others were in attendance.  There were many Democratic Party members present, including Lee Jamison of Stuyvesant, Carl Roby of Stockport and Deputy CC chair, Cyndy Hall.  Mayoral candidate Nick Haddad was quoted in the Register Star as saying
“ …… It is only typical in America, the way corporate companies treat the very members of our country for corporate profits.

Later, Kinderhook Town Committee members brought coffee and doughnuts to the Verizon picketers.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Verizon - poor corporate baby

Verizon …………Poor baby !!!!
Corporations are people too, says Mitt Romney, joined by Rand Paul and Sarah Plain.  
The scary thing is – The US Supreme Court agrees.  Apparently this is a real GOP belief.
Corporations are treated as “super people”.  They have rights people do not.  For example, all corporations have limited liability. In addition, the Constitutional provision providing for bankruptcy has been taken away from many real people but remains in full force for corporations.
In addition, although there have been over 24 violent acts against picketers by Verizon scabs and management, the FBI is investigating “sabotage” by the CWA on the basis of the Verizon complaint.  They are not investigating the instigation of running over picketers even though upper management has condoned being mad at the picketers (for exercising free speech rights).
The media reports have focused upon the Verizon allegation and have ignored picket line violence by Verizon.
Here are some interesting facts:
1.               Verizon’s outgoing CEO, Ivan Seidenberg, earned more than $18 million in total compensation in 2010, roughly $49,000 a day.

2.               Verizon earned $6.9 billion in net income for the first six months of this year.

3.               Verizon reported $10.2 billion in profits in 2010

4.               This enviable record of profitability has been used to justify the $258 million spent on salaries, bonuses, and stock options for just five of the company’s top executives.

5.               Over the past four years, the company earned nearly $20 billion for its shareholders.

6.               The Wall Street Journal noted last month, the telecom giant “isn’t under any financial stress.”

So why is Verizon demanding “give backs” consisting of:

1.     Reduction in retirement benefits
2.     Reduction in Health benefits
3.     Less sick leave
4.     Over 50 other contract changes

The answer is GREED.

What can you do to:


And send a letter to Verizon

Join CWA 1120,  CWA1118 and IBEW
 in a
Solidarity Rally at:
4 PM Wednesday August 17th
62 Fairview Ave, Hudson, NY 12534-1018. 
Verizon Store ?
Follow the link and map it, parking in the rear shopping center.


Speak out on every occasion against the RAT and the corporate pigs.  The solidarity rally will feature “The rat”, which the area unions use to depict union busting people and people/corporations like Wisconsin republicans and Verizon.  I would prefer the rat as a scab and use a pig as the corporate/people, but approve of almost anything that will get the attention of the media and thru the media real human being type people.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Social Security on Chopping block Gibson's Office Drop by August 2,2011

Kinderhook Gibson’s Office Protest Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pictured here is a gathering of protestors at noon on Tuesday August 2, 2011. Addressing the gathering is Shirley Ripullone head of Columbia County Council. She addresses the confidence crisis and fear for Social Security. As can be seen by the signs, the main concern is the effect of the GOP assault upon Social Security. It was pointed out by one speaker that the Register Star reported over the weekend that the Hudson Social Security Office is reducing its hours because of prior budget cuts. Everyone is concerned with what happens next and expressed concern with Congressman Gibson following the GOtP leadership.

Reference was made to the editorial alarm entitled Off the brink but still on edge in the Albany Times Union; it said, in part:

Off the brink but still on edge

Relax a little, America, we’re not going over the cliff, and taking the world with us. But how much can a nation relax when a congress that almost let a radical fringe nearly wreck the economy all over again will still be on the job for another 17 months. That’s plenty of time for the tea party wing of the Republican Party to try to turn what is still the world’s richest nation into a deadbeat country that holds its poor , its sick, its elderly and even its middle and working classes- everyone who is struggling it seems – in contempt.

This editorial together with another one in the same page refers to the followers of Russ Limbaugh as not caring about saving the country, or reference to averting disaster with the debt ceiling,… it was all about Limbaugh’s stated “ I hope he fails”.

If you have not read today’s Times Union, I suggest you read these editorials in full which can be accessed on line at:

Statements and names of participant were given to the cordial staff of Mr. Gibson.

Doug McGivney