Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Verizon, the RAT and Back to negotiations

Verizon and the Rat(s)
The following shows the effect of demonstrations.  Verizon is now back at the negotiating table.
Aside from the actual strikers/picketers, it was a sight to see so many Democrats and Democratic candidates protesting the union-busting corporate greed of Verizon. Here are some highlights:

Another rat - Symbols of the greed of Verizon.

Remember Verizon was not and is not a GM or corporation in financial trouble.  It recently gave its top executives a quarter of a billion dollars!  It is more profitable than ever.  It is peculiar that its profits are so appreciated by Verizon corporate leadership that it gave many millions to 5 people at the top – as if they were solely responsible for the company’s success.  Ironically, Verizon’s recent advertising campaign featured all the technical people supporting Verizon services – but not its CEO or executive staff.  Working people are good for advertising fodder but not salary and benefits.  Verizon wanted to strip retirement, health insurance, job security and even the Martin Luther King holiday from the people that are at least as responsible ( and whom have been celebrated in its advertising campaigns) for it profits as the top 5 executives.

Proud to be a DEMOCRAT? – It must be especially proud to be a Hudson Democrat.  Its committee not only had the sign but many of its candidates, its leader Victor Mendolia, and many others were in attendance.  There were many Democratic Party members present, including Lee Jamison of Stuyvesant, Carl Roby of Stockport and Deputy CC chair, Cyndy Hall.  Mayoral candidate Nick Haddad was quoted in the Register Star as saying
“ …… It is only typical in America, the way corporate companies treat the very members of our country for corporate profits.

Later, Kinderhook Town Committee members brought coffee and doughnuts to the Verizon picketers.

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