Friday, September 2, 2011

GNYHA - Another RAT

Another RAT:

(This RAT is the symbol of Corporate Greed, recently used by CWA at the Verizon Rallys.)
GNYHA, Greater New York Hospital Association, has now joined Pfizer and Big Pharma as Gibson Supporters.  Pictured below is a GNYHA campaign piece praising Gibson for “making sure our health care is there when we need it.”   In actuality, he signed a letter opposing cuts to NYC teaching hospitals represented by GNYHA.  Like the 60 PLUS front for Big Pharma the campaign piece uses generic photos of people and misleading statements.  The campaign piece like the 60 PLUS piece uses misleading statements like …”making sure healthcare is there when we need it” and pictures two seniors. Were the same photos used throughout NYS?  They sure are not from Kinderhook.
Here is the brochure, mailed by GNYHA from outside our district:

Do you know these people?  They do not look like hospital administrators in plush offices.   By the way, if hospitals get so much money they can engage in Tea Party/GOP politics – reimbursement should be cut. Senator Schumer and Congressman Crowley did not receive campaign pieces for their successful efforts on behalf of NYC teaching hospitals.  Please see attached reference concerning that effort.

 Congressman Gibson voted for the Ryan Plan – which destroys Medicare, put seniors at the mercy of unregulated Health Insurance Companies, and cuts even the amount available for seniors by ½ Trillion Dollars.  The irony is that the 60 PLUS political mailer supporting Gibson falsely claimed that The Affordable Health Care Act cut Medicare by ½ Trillion dollars.  You will recall that 60 PLUS was a front group for Big Pharma, (started by the Pfizer, the BP of the Pharmaceutical Industry)
Congressman Gibson also voted to repeal The Affordable Health Care Act.  That act truly strengthens Medicare and Heath care generally. Admittedly, it focuses on individuals – not providers.  It does not pretend to protect the compensation of Hospital Administrators which is GNYHA’s interest.  Please note that GNYHA uses “generic people” not the wealthy hospital administrators in their plush offices to convey its Tea Party message.
Congressman Gibson has said Medicare and Social Security are on the table for cuts. See prior Blog entry entitled “ Social Security and Medicare on the Chopping block…” at:
Greedy, Lying Corporate structures:
 GNYHA has explained its Gibson campaign piece by referring to a letter concerning supporting money for NYC”s Teaching Hospitals. However, no such campaign piece was given to Senator Schumer when he successfully fought the Bush administration attempts to limit payments to NYC’s Teaching Hospitals.  GNYHA’s CEO joined Senator Schumer and Representative Crowley at that time in this effort.  Please see:
Hospitals, administrators and their organizations have now joined greedy, lying corporations that use pictures of generic seniors and others to hide its true positions.  Their greed and secret hidden positions deserve the designation of RAT.  Like Rats there is no shame.  GNYHA has joined Pfizer’s 60 PLUS,  Verizon and others for the designation of RAT.
Senator Schumer is a true protector of Health Care as seen by the information found at:

Please look at Senator Schumer’s website.  He engages real people in every county. He has real substance and does not need phony, greedy corporate shills like Pfizer, 60 PLUS and now GNYHA.  Do you really think these organizations represent the people in the photos?

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