Monday, July 25, 2011

American Dream Caravan
On Thursday July 21, 2011 at 1:00PM, during the 90+ heat nearly 75 hardy souls met to deliver a message to Congressman Gibson’s Kinderhook Office.  That message was loud and clear, Preserve:
                              The BIG THREE
-        Senior retirement help            Social Security
-        Senior Health Care                   Medicare
-        Nursing homes                         Medicaid
Mr. Gibson and the Grover Norquest Pledge
It seems that Congressman Gibson has signed the GOP Grover Norquest Pledge, which is interpreted to mean continuing tax credits for Oil Companies, Loopholes for most corporations and even continuing tax breaks that encourage “off shore banking” and moving jobs off shore.  However, the Norquest pledge does not include: increasing senior retirement contributions (Medicare), making nursing homes more expensive (Medicare) or decreasing payment to retirees (Social Security). Why is decreasing a tax credit for Sunoco forbidden, yet decreasing payments to Social Security retirees OK? 
Although, Mr. Gibson signed the Norquest pledge and is following its interpretation to a “T”, he refused to sign a pledge to protect Social Security, requested by two local citizens!
Here are photos from the American Dream rally at Congressman Gibson’s Kinderhook Office:
My favorite poster:

Victor Mendolia addresses the crowd on the need to protect people with disabilities.  Pictured in front of Mr. Mendolia are President and Eleanor Roosevelt. They were great actors! The both spoke,, saying the things that were said in the 1930s under similar circumstances. Victor’s address on the needs of HIV/AIDS victims was particularly relevant to the GOP spending cuts.

Supervisor Hughes from Hudson, also emphasized the need for persons with disabilities. Please note the posters in the background.

Other photos, including Stockport's Carl Roby, speaking as a retired union leader.

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