Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Congressman Gibson's Office Post Obama Speech 7 26 2011

Congressman Gibson’s Office
Kinderhook NY
July 26, 2011

Many people from Columbia, Greene and Dutchess County appeared at Congressman Gibson’s Kinderhook Office on Tuesday July 26, following Monday night’s Debt Ceiling address by President Obama and the GOP response by Speaker Boehner.  With signs entitled: “Where are the Jobs”; “Save Social Security”, “Preserve Medicare” the speeches were about the debt ceiling hold up.  “ Hold up” war often used words as the issues of Jobs, Social Security, and Medicare are only being discussed by the GOP and Congressman Gibson in the context of limiting them as a price for allowing past debts to be paid.
 Staff at Mr. Gibson’s office was polite, engaging and listed objections and gave reasoned responses. The crowds were also polite, courteous and civil.  The only disturbance was a Tea Party lady who yelled something unintelligible about Obama care and then engaged some saying she didn’t request but got Medicare but didn’t need it.
Photos of the event are below:


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