Wednesday, July 20, 2011

American Dream Movement
Tomorrow, Thursday, July 21st at Congressman Gibson’s* Office in Kinderhook, there will be a gathering of people desiring to:

 Democracy begins when YOU show up! 

Please join us to petition Congressman Gibson to help us rebuild the “American Dream.”

Over the past weekend thousands of people including over 50 people thru out Columbia County and the nation met to discuss what makes the “American Dream” and how to make it happen. More information about the American Dream Movement may be found at my blog at

Below are the ideas generated by a small group in Stuyvesant Falls:

Good Jobs Now
               1. Move toward a Clean, Green, Independent Energy Future.
               2. Invest in American’s Future.
               3. End the Huge Waste of the Wars and invest the Money in Peace-Building.
Strong Communities

1.      Medicare for All
2.      Substantially Reduce Military Spending
3.      Protect Women’s Rights and Health

We All Pay Our Share
1.      Return to Fairer Tax Rates
2.      Tax Speculation at Least as Much as Perspiration
3.      Robin Hood Tax: Tax Wall Street Speculation

Working Democracy
1.      Eliminate Corporate Personhood
2.      Reinstate Common Sense Rules of the Road for Wall Street
3.      Stop the Assault on Unions and Worker’s Rights

So far as immediate action, we decided to join the Statewide Caravan to Restore the American Promise by attending the Thursday’s meeting at Congressman Gibson’s Office in Kinderhook at 1:00 PM. I suggest we create and carry signs saying: 
Save Social Security

 Congressman Gibson’s positions;
He has signed the Grover Norquest Pledge to oppose any and all deductions, credits unless matched by spending cuts.  Grover Norquest and the GOP have interpreted that to mean no changes in credits to Oil or GE.  However, cuts to people-welfare ideas like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are not considered changes in credits.  In addition, local people have requested that Mr. Gibson sign a pledge to preserve Social Security and he has refused to do so.

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