Friday, July 8, 2011

Invitation to an American Dream Meeting

The American Dream Meeting
You are invited to attend an American Dream meeting.  American Dream meetings are being sponsored by the many organizations listed below.  This one is hosted by MoveOn.Org member Bob Bisson and I am helping him.
This is for many of us who are alarmed at the growing threats against the American Dream.  These threats are evidenced by anti-Medicare, anti education, anti workers benefits and general intolerance for many people in our society.  MoveOn.Org is one of several sponsoring agencies attempting to bring back the American Dream.  A fuller explanation is attached and a great deal more information is available at the website:
The basic idea is to first define and then work toward the American Dream.  This is not a small task as it is against the current media/political driven sentiment of anti-teacher, anti union, anti worker’s benefits and to combat the growth of corporate power, wealth and even corporate citizenship. This is not a small task, but neither is it impossible.  It just needs the participation of a few good people.  So far 11,000 people at 1200 homes have signed up to participate.
The MoveOn.Org statement states:
We'll use the agenda to push Congress to make the American Dream a reality for all of us, not just corporations and the rich.

Other and more local related issues may be considered.

The meeting will be held at:
Home of:
Robert Bisson,
735 Rte 25,
Stuyvesant NY.

If you know of someone else who might be interested in attending this meeting please call or E-mail either.

Bob Bisson
518 799-3230


Doug McGivney
518 755 6994

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